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Introduction to pressure regulating valve
Nov 05, 2018

The gas pressure regulating valve is a lever type differential pressure feedback control pressure regulating. The gas in the gas cylinder is liquid, the pressure is too high, and it must be decompressed to be suitable for burning the stove. If the gas pressure regulating valve is broken, it must be replaced. Consequence 1, no gas; consequences 2, no decompression.

Without decompression, it is easy to cause the hose to fall off and leak gas, and the consequences are unimaginable. Principle of decompression: The high-pressure medium is charged into a relatively large cavity through a small hole to achieve decompression, which is actually decompressed by interception. The two sides of the diaphragm or piston are out of the mouth, one side is the artificial pressure, and the valve stem that controls the size of the small hole is connected with the diaphragm (piston).

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